Space Matrix Reimagines and Revitalises the Drivestream Workplace as a Community Hub

  Space Matrix Reimagines and Revitalises the Drivestream Workplace as a Community Hub

The new office is a thriving hub of collaboration, efficiency, and innovative journey of business growth powered by human connections

Chennai, 16th April, 2024: Space Matrix joined hands with Drivestream to collaboratively execute the redesigning of Drivestream’s office. Leveraging its extensive experience in crafting world-class offices internationally, Space Matrix worked in tandem with Drivestream to understand their needs and expectations.

With over two decades of solving complex business problems and overcoming tech limitations with innovative consulting and solutions, Drivestream has carved a great reputation in the software services and consulting arena. They now wanted to transform their office into a new hub of collaboration where greater efficiency, speed, and accuracy of work was achieved alongside ensuring employee wellness.

Space Matrix partnered with them in this endeavour, and the exchange of ideas, iterations and considerations led to building of a community-inspired workplace. The aim was to focus on rethinking human work processes and collaborations and celebrate the people that use it.

Space Matrix adopted a three-pillared approach which ensured that there was ample space to focus on daily work, offering opportunity to refresh people during breaks, and having fun during collaborative discussions and celebrations.

Speaking about this, Ananiah Livingston, Managing Director, Space Matrix, said, “Our approach to Drivestream’s office design was to enable a future-ready workspace which provides adequate support to productivity, the wellbeing of the employees, and above all, creates a company culture of collaborative growth. Whether it be the arrival area, the dedicated work spaces, collaborative gatherings, or the break spaces that let people engage with each other and revitalise them. With the long work hours, and need for speed and flexibility being the new norms, it is imperative that the office space is a place that empowers people to take care of their physical and mental health alongside their professional responsibilities. I am glad that we have been able to successfully achieve that objective.”

Adding further, Gopal Krishna, CEO & Founder, Drivestream, said, “Drivestream has carved a reputation as a human-centric organisation that focuses on connective well-being of the personnel and business alike. To ensure the harmony and free flow of a positive work culture, it was necessary that the redesigned office should be futuristic in design and technology, and extremely vibrant and connected from a human perspective. It is a matter of great delight that the Space Matrix has managed to tick both those boxes perfectly.”

Through its pioneering Oracle cloud solutions, Drivestream has become a brand renowned with thought leadership, premium solutions, great values, and excellent customer service. The company faced the challenges related to ensuring resource optimisation and building a work environment of collaborative learning and individual as well as collective growth.

To achieve these objectives, it was decided that the office space should be revamped to create a closely knit, yet highly efficient, focused, stress-free and supportive environment. This is where Space Matrix embarked on a journey to design a community, not a workspace.

The effort to establish a unique office environment began at the reception and recreation area, featuring an inviting lounge and a versatile collaborative space for gatherings. The ceiling incorporates a vibrant element, fostering numerous engagement and conversation opportunities.

Dedicated cabins and meeting rooms showcase balanced shades of red, inspired by the brand, while natural lighting and scenic outside views create a calming yet stimulating ambiance. The work and meeting areas emanate a soothing aura through soft tints, wooden textures, and pops of red, promoting a positive impact on users' mental well-being.

The cafeteria stands out with an exposed ceiling, a band of colourful layers, and a central mesh tying the space together. It offers a collaborative space that can function as a work café or a platform for seamless discussions. It is through these efforts that Space Matrix has fulfilled the design’s aspirations of reflecting Drivestream’s brand identity and values by redefining the workplace as a community area.

About Space Matrix:

Founded in 2001, Space Matrix has evolved into a dynamic, agile, 21st-century digital enterprise; a design consultancy that specialises in workplace design. The firm has developed a unique client focus that creates and delivers profitable, sustainable, and future-ready workplace solutions. Its continuing mission is to revolutionise the delivery of design and build services in both Asia and globally. The firm has relevant project experience in over 100 cities and 15 office locations in Australia, China, India, Philippines. Thailand, Singapore (HQ), and the United States consistently ranks #2 in Interior Design Magazine's International Design Giants for Office Design in 2023 and has won multiple International Property Awards.


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