Salman Khan considering moving to Panvel farmhouse permanently post gunfire at Mumbai residence?

 Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's life is under threat and security around him has been heightened following a gunfiring incident outside his Mumbai home. Amid a serious threat to his life, a report has surfaced that the actor is considering moving to his farmhouse in Panvel. 

According to a report in Times Now, Salman Khan has been considering shifting permanently to his farmhouse in Panvel in the wake of the recent incident that has left him and his family shaken.  The report quoted a close friend of the actor who said, "Bhai as it is spends a lot of time on his farm. He loves being there. It is also close to his Bigg Boss shooting location. With his safety in the city being seriously jepardized, Bhai is looking at moving to his farmhouse in Panvel permanently."

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